• Party on Dance Floor Tonight

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    What does party Features?

    Gameplay is similar to the previous two games in the series in which players follow dance moves which are tracked by the Xbox Kinect. The more accurately the players dance, the more points they earn. Harder difficulties mean harder moves for the players to follow. New to Dance Central 3 is the Crew Throwdown mode where two teams of up to four go head-to-head in a series of performances, dance battles & mini-games. There will be a “Keep the Beat” mini-game which will have the player track the rhythm and the “Make Your Move” mini-game which will have players compete making up routines on the fly. Also new to Dance Central 3 is the Beginner mode, a difficulty mode for people completely new to dancing games, and Party Mode, where random songs and minigames are played and as people play, they are progressively moved up or down a difficulty depending on how well they are performing.

    The player receives an invitation to an underground dance party. When the player’s swag is verified Rasa and Lima welcome the player to “the party.” After successfully dancing to Bass Down Low the party’s secret is revealed that its DCI and they want to recruit the player to be an agent. To prove the player’s skills to be an agent Rasa and Lima challenge the player to Sexy and I Know It. After passing the test, they intercept a transmission from Dr. Tan revealing that “Project Lockstep” has reached the phase two. Rasa and Lima explain to the player that they sent various crews back in time to learn the dance crazes to use against Dr. Tan as Dare and Maccoy (who are also DCI agents) are missing. The player meets up with Lu$h Crew in the ’70’s to learn the Hustle. Angel is having a good time in the era, however Miss Aubrey dislikes it heavily and won’t stop complaining about it. When they return to the present, DCI informs the player that the Dr. Tan’s armies are spreading like a virus.

    The player travels back to the 80’s to learn the Electric Slide with Hi-Def. Hi Def wanted to challenge the player to a dance off but was reminded of their duties by Rasa. Returning to the present, Rasa and Lima inform the player that Dare and MacCoy are found but are under mind control, thanks to a device Dr. Tan used on his army. While Lima has the mind control device analyzed by the computer to find out any countermeasures, Rasa instructs the player on their next objective.

    The player heads to the 90’s where Flash4wrd are having a house party (at their childhood home) to learn the Macarena. Taye and Lil’ T had so much fun that they ended up coming with a new dance craze called the House Party but were berated by Lima for disrespecting the time-space continuum. Once they return to DCI headquarters, Dr. Tan has breached the security system and Lima has the player travel to the 2000s era to get Bodie and Emilia back.

    The player ends up a studio where Riptide is hosting a show called Dance Central Live. Riptide are reluctant to go back in the present since the show is currently in mid-season. After learning the dance craze, they receive a transmission from Rasa that the DCI headquarters is under attack but the transmission was cut off.

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